Custom Black Edition BeoSound 9000

Special Matt Black Edition – BANG & OLUFSEN is laser engraved on the Aluminium CD-clamper of the spectacular 6-CD changer, which is, in fact, the fastest in the world, and would accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 5.5 seconds if permitted to continue its momentum.

This is the essence of Bang & Olufsen: a modern design icon as well as a deeply functional music system. Perhaps you have just seen it in a movie or magazine, but you know that somehow you have always wanted one. It immediately catches the eye with its bold juxtaposition of strong lines and the random colours of the discs. Every player is unique, because every owner loads it with a different set of CDs. It is the perfect combination of individuality and icon; human and machine.

Here is a truly rare opportunity to own one these hand crafted bespoke collectors items produced from one of the UK’s finest aluminium artist studios. We are ready to ship worldwide with estimate 3-4 weeks lead time. For further enquiries and details please click the reserve now button below.