Beolab 12


Beolab 12


The BeoLab 12 loudspeakers are available in three variations: BeoLab 12-3, 12-2 and 12-1. Whatever your needs are, the BeoLab 12- family has a member to fit in both, design as well as performance. The BeoLab 12 can be mounted on the wall, or for more flexibility on floor stands. The speakers are an ideal addition to surround sound setups with flat-screen TVs from Bang & Olufsen and other manufacturers. Of course it is also excellent for Bang & Olufsen music systems.


  • Designed specifically for the use with flat-screen TVs
  • 3 different versions
  • Three-dimensional wave-like design
  • Mounting on walls or on floor stands

Noble design – great sound

To offer the optimum on sound quality in a compact format – to master this challenge was the focus at the development of BeoLab 12. The result speaks for itself: BeoLab 12 is a perfect symbiosis of design and sound quality. The three-dimensional wave-like design gives the speaker a slim, discreet shape. Simultaneously all available space of the narrow housing is used, to deliver a unsurpassed, multi-dimensional sound.

The largest speaker in the family is BeoLab 12-3. It is specifically designed for mounting on the wall and has a ¾-inch acoustic lens for the treble as well as a 2-inch midrange speaker and two flat  6.5-inch CosCone woofer, for the low frequencies. The 2-inch aluminum cone provides detailed sound that complements the frequency spectrum of the acoustic lens. The midrange is thereby protected from a speaker cover that is made from high quality aluminum surface. The pattern of the openings on the cover has been designed to match the look of the lens and also enables the ideal exit of the sound. In addition, the BeoLab 12  is equipped with the patented Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplifier technology (Class D), whereby the required space is minimized and a total performance of 480 watts can be achieved.

With the BeoLab 12-2 Bang & Olufsen presents a smaller version of the elegant wall speaker BeoLab 12-3. Here, the BeoLab 12-2 is characterized as rear speaker in combination with a BeoLab 11 as the ideal complement for any high-quality surround sound configuration. Thanks to its minimalist and elegant design, the BeoLab 12-2 adds like a sculpture into the living environment and despite its compact size it provides a vivid, voluminous sound. The rounded interior of the BeoLab 12-2 hides many powerful components that are up to any challenge. A new generation of ICEpower amplifier technology and a leaner power supply deliver remarkable 320 watts of total sound output, thanks to the thrilling cinema scenes and musical treasures are played impressively. When choosing the extra flat 6 ½-inch CosCone woofer,  Bang & Olufsen could fall back on their extensive experience in high-end audio systems for the automotive industry. So the BeoLab 12-2 provides a precise bass reproduction and surprises same time with an unusual design in which the woofer is aligned towards the wall. The sound spectrum is perfected by the refined tweeter, based on the Acoustic Lens Technology, developed by Bang & Olufsen. These ensures that high frequencies are equally distributed in a 180-degree horizontal fan in the room, so that the listener regardless of his seat position always enjoys the optimum sound reproduction. Moreover the BeoLab 12-2 can be mounted so that the acoustic lens is at the top or at the bottom. Thus ensure to get as close as possible to the optimum height for the personal seat position.

BeoLab 12-1 is the latest member of the BeoLab12 family. BeoLab 12-1 is the latest member of the family BeoLab12. The two  discreet and powerful speakers of BeoLab 12-1 are perfect as rear speakers in a surround sound setup. They are ideal for a scenario in which pristine sound reproduction and puristic appearance are required. Unlike traditional, often bulky speaker solutions the attractive appearance of the BeoLab 12 loudspeakers aim to bear the sound experience discretely and merge with it in a seamless, aesthetic unity. Unlike BeoLab 12-2 and 12-3 the speaker front is made of fabric instead of anodised aluminium.
The BeoLab 12-3 and 12-2 can be mounted so that the acoustic lens is on top or on bottom, and thus it is at ear-height to ensure the optimal sound is achieved. In addition, the BeoLab 12 has a three-way switch at  the connector panel on the back, that allows additional adjustments to the spatial conditions. The elegant and extremly slim design of BeoLab 12 loudspeakers makes them the perfect companions for your wall-mounted flat screen TV. Of course it is also perfect for Bang & Olufsen music systems. With two BeoLab 12-3 next to your TV in combination with a pair of BeoLab 12-2 or 12-1 as rear speakers in the back room, you create the perfect surround sound system for an immersive viewing experience, in a cohesive design language.

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