BeoVision 7 – 32″


BeoVision 7 – 32″


BeoVision 7 is more than just a TV – it’s a complete entertainment system specially created to offer a sound and picture experience far beyond expectations. With its 81cm LCD screen, built-in DVD player and powerful active loudspeaker system, BeoVision 7 offers all the benefits of flat-screen viewing, but with exceptional sound performance as well.

BeoVision 7 combines both an 81cm LCD monitor with an integrated DVD Player, DSS surround sound module and a dedicated loudspeaker in BeoLab 7-1. The concept emphasises the separation of picture and sound together with a good number of placement options. With BeoLab 7-1 the very highest level of acoustic performance is delivered. The tuner is the same as in BeoVision 5 and the monitor is from the Samsung range.

BeoVision 7 may be used as either a stand-alone television set or as a large-screen monitor within a domestic surround-sound system. There are five different stand placement options available to the user.

B BeoVision 7 – 32″ MK1 –                    BeoVision 7 – 32″ MK2 –
 BeoVision 7 – 32″ MK3 –
BeoVision 7 – 32″ MK5 –


Which version is right for me?

Mk1 – These sets are non-HD with a Contrast Ratio of 1000:1, a refresh rate of 50Hz and feature an analogue tuner only, unless a Freeview (DVB-T) or Digital Satellite (DVB-S) Module has been retro-fitted. An inbuilt DVD player, Dolby Digital connections (for adding up to 5 surround speakers), MasterLink (for connection to other B&O products), Set Top Box Controller (for control of a SKY/Freeview or other digital receiver via the Beo 4 Remote Control), LCD information display and an Anti-Reflective Contrast Screen are all present from the factory.

Mk2 – As per Mk1 specification, only with a DVI socket and Component inputs for displaying HD sources at 720p.

Mk3 – These screens use an upgraded panel – still 720p HD but with a vastly improved Contrast Ratio of 3000:1 for much clearer pictures. Refresh rate is still 50Hz and the screen shares the same chassis as the earlier versions, therefore benefitting from the same standard connections. Later Mk3 sets were offered as a ‘TV’ version (without an inbuilt DVD player but otherwise identical to the later Mk4.)

Mk4 – The Mk4 sets were almost identical to the Mk3, bar an updated DVD player and a digital DVB tuner.

Mk5 – The ‘Holy Grail’ of the BeoVision 7 – 32″ range, the Mk5 offered dual HDMI inputs for the ultimate in flexibility, and a further upgraded 720p panel (which B&O deemed the perfect resolution at the 32″ size.) Mk5 sets are found with DVB-HD tuners, with the option of an upgrade to the ‘T2’ (UK Freeview HD) tuner available to buyers (when new.)

Sadly the Mk5 was the final BeoVision 7 – 32″ to be produced, with the range being replaced by the beautiful BeoVision 10 – 32″ in 2011.

Most BeoVision 7 – 32″ are paired with BeoLab 7 loudspeakers, of which there are two main types for this particular television:

BeoLab 7.1 – This is a 375W active STEREO centre speaker, suitable for stand-alone televisions. Not ideal as the centre channel in a surround sound setup.

BeoLab 7.4 – This is a 375W active MONO centre speaker, suitable for use as the central channel within a Dolby Surround Sound system. Not suitable as a single speaker with a stand-alone television.

There are also a wealth of placement options available for the BeoVision 7 – 32″ range:

Motorised Floor Stand – The most popular of all the mounting solutions, the Motorised Floor Stand supports the panel and either BeoLab 7 speaker at a maximum height of 110CM. Both items are then able to turn from side to side using the Beo 4 Remote Controller. The screen can also be tilted manually.

Motorised Table Stand – Same functions as the Motorised Floor Stand, but supports the set and speaker at a maximum height of 80CM.

Static Table Stand – These simple stands support both the screen and either speaker at a maximum height of 74CM, but lack the ability to turn either manually or remotely.

Combined Wall Brackets – The stylish brackets support both screen and either speaker to give an overall height of 70CM. They are available in two configurations: Close (gives an overall depth of 30CM from the wall) or Deep (gives 38CM clearance from the wall). Both brackets are manual and can be turned and tilted by hand.

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