The Weekend feat the Beolab 90



I am a Bang and Olufsen product expert but a noob to blogging. I found myself narrating my experiences to many friends and customers about my installations, new sales, shipping and the whole shebang, of which so many tell me you should write a blog or a book cause they just love my passion for what I do. Soooo… I am not going to write a book but at least I can write a blog to express my experiences I deal with and share my stories with you.

Lets Roll on

It was a hybrid weekend last week, although hitting the winter season being in November it still felt like Autumn with the random London rains, winds and streaks of sunshine. Being November its almost peak period for Skyannav as we head into the holidays, so to prep I had just completed some long awaited inventory tasks. Prepping and making sure I have stock ready to market, revamping prices, running regular tests, checking packaging materials and the least interesting bit.. sigh cleaning up!!.

Accomplished all the above, I had my hands on my hips and took a breath, and then let go a mighty Hell yea!!!! Having a feeling that I needed to reward myself it just clocked to me that I have been so busy over the last couple of months with doing setups and installations for customers all over London and France that I have not done for myself in loooong time!!. Thats it I said I know what I want to do for the time I have remaining.

Looking over the inventory stock (and the Grinch voice in my head) I was trying to decide what should I get. Just then like the sun shining on the pyramid my eyes fell on the BEOLAB 90 as it stood there its mighty elegance. Bang next minute I was making space in the living room for the twin speakers to stand.

Now the BEOLAB 90 weigh around 130 kgs each and indeed was a mission moving them into the living room, but moving crates around for so long for customer deliveries and international shipments this didn’t scare me 🙂 . These babies have 18 state-of-the-art Scan-Speak loudspeaker drivers driven by 14 channels of the latest generation ICEpower amplifiers for the tweeters and mids and and 4 additional class D amplifiers for the lower bass drivers. Thus the speakers had to be connected to dedicated power sockets and no long extension business.

The bit I love amount modern technology is the reduction of cables and same with the BEOLAB 90 just the power cable to power them and a Cat 7 cable to connect the Slave speaker to the Master. Thats is it !!. Took me a couple of minutes and my Iphone was connected and talking to the BEOLAB 90s. What makes these speakers fall a class above and beyond is how it uses the technology combined with the 18 driver speakers to create the perfect sound experience. By putting them in a room and you start moving around the room you will hear the perfect sound frequencies. These are controlled by Beam Width Control, Beam Direction Control and Active Room Compensation. In short the speakers determine the distance of objects away from it and also around the room and distributes the sound giving you the PERFECT sound experience.

Tinkering around with positioning and the above settings I set the beam width control to Narrow and setting the Sofas in Room compression I am nearly down to get my 1st tune on. Taking a deep breath I admire my setup and the perfect song comes to my mind… it had to be Coldplay’s Hymn For The Weekend. Laid back on the sofa I  hit play on Spotify the next moment I was just elevated to a different world. So perfect vocals and sound… my my.. quickly shutting my eyes I felt as though Chris Martin was standing in front me with the band and performing 🙂

This continued for the next 2 hours before I was hit with reality that I could not keep these speakers. I will keep this speakers in the current setup for a bit but I am inviting anyone who is interested in the BEOLAB 90 set and would like to enjoy the sound experience before hand to give me a shout and I could arrange an experience for you.

Well this was my last weekend. Hope you too had a great one. Please let me know if you would like to hear any more such stories, experiences or something more would like to learn about Bang and Olufsen … Have an awesome week ahead.



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